Our Offshore Altoona service combines quality and value to create the perfect plan for your next project.

Offshore Altoona services help you plan for your next project by offering integrative quality and value from every angle.

You might be spending a lot of time and effort trying to find a solution for your IT overflow issues. Well, maybe it’s time to stop dealing with the following issues that PS Solutions is happy to help with.

PS Solutions wants you to know that it is possible to:

  • stop paying high rates for Metropolitan Information Technology consultants.
  • get the help you need for projects that require additional resources.
  • make sure you have a team in the right time zone without any communication issues.
  • stop using contractors that are not capable of fulfilling their end of the bargain.

Rural Outsourcing Done Right

You may have a desire to stop paying high prices for IT services in the metropolitan area, but you don’t know how.

That’s where PS Solutions comes in. Instead of the main location being based in the big city, PS Solutions is rurally based. That means you can access a team of IT professionals without the high price of the big city life.

PS Solutions has the power to keep their cost down. Thanks to smart innovation and location, they can pass that business perk onto you. PS Solutions has the ability to travel to surrounding cities to aid you with your IT solution needs. If the team needs to be there to aid you, you can count on them.

You want to save money, but outsourcing overseas affects your customer service and overall company focus. You have the power to keep your customers happy and your prices fair by partnering with PS Solutions.

Whether your company is in New York City or Washington D.C., you can count on the PS Solutions’ team to be there for you in person or via telecommute.

Perks of Rural Outsourcing Commuting

PS Solutions has the privilege of working with companies all over the United States. Instead of hiring an expensive IT team from the big city, consider the options PS Solutions can give you. You no longer have to pay big fees to have a team come to you. The PS Solutions team has the capabilities to aid you from afar, while still providing top notch IT services and support.

A Solution is Available through PS Solutions

PS Solutions has a business solution for your IT staffing requirements. One main perk of hiring this IT team is that it’s actually an affordable option for your business. Whether you need:

  • Software developers
  • Database administrators
  • Project managers
  • System analysts or business analysts
  • QA software testers
  • And a variety of other IT skills

The main point PS Solutions is trying to make is the power to find a solution for your IT staffing requirements is available to you without any hassle on your end.

PS Solutions has What It Takes

PS Solutions can provide the IT talent for you, the office space, office equipment, plus the team has the capabilities to be there in person and is, of course, teleconference ready. The PS Solutions’ team will work with you while you provide the direct supervision and control of the projects. All the PS Solutions’ team is doing is lending you an IT hand when your head is underwater and you can’t keep up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does PS Solutions’ Offshore Altoona program work? 

PS Solutions offers a unique solution to clients who need an affordable approach to IT issues. Companies can hire the PS Solutions’ team to outsource work they do not want to do in house, without having to hire unqualified workers from other countries such as India or Chile.

How is PS Solutions truly different from sending work offshore?

PS Solutions has access to top notch talent in the Central Pennsylvania area. There are a couple of reasons why PS Solutions can offer top notch talent at an affordable rate. Since PS Solutions is rurally based, there is no need for high expenses. PS Solutions saves over 40% over the total cost of what it would take to be based in a metropolitan setting. They are able to apply those overall savings directly to their clients. However, there is also the power to travel to the bigger cities when needed. PS Solutions believes this offers their clients the best of both worlds.

How does Offshore Altoona save my company time and money?

The Offshore Altoona program from PS Solutions helps you take a new direction in your business. Check out several advantages of working with the PS Solutions’ team:

  • There is a tremendous labor cost differential when you choose to hire PS Solutions. This is because the professionals are hired by us at up to 40% less than cost of the metropolitan IT market.
  • The managers hired by PS Solutions have top notch experience in their fields. Because of their experience, efficiency, and high quality of work, they are able to help your executives focus on what really matters within your business.
  • PS Solutions understands that communication in any business is important. That is why every project that PS Solutions is involved in has regular and effective communication with the client. It’s important that YOU know what’s happening on all project developments you’ve hired the PS Solutions’ team to complete.
  • PS Solutions makes it a priority to be involved in any necessary meetings or presentations that need to be completed face to face.
  • The PS Solutions’ team is on your time zone, so there is no reason to deal with extra resources or expenses to try and allocate with another foreign team that is across the world.

Where is the IT work performed?

Work is performed depending on the need of the client. PS Solutions offers both onsite and offsite solutions. Because the team is located in Altoona, Pennsylvania they can travel to bigger cities, if needed. This offers your company several advantages because you can hire the PS Solutions’ team without the high price tag. The bottom line is whether you need talent for a short-term or long-term project that is face to face or telecommute, the PS Solutions’ team can help you out

Who performs the work?

The PS Solutions’ team is made up of a variety of IT professionals. The team includes professionals that range from software engineers to project managers with over 20+ years of experience. The IT professionals plus managers of PS Solutions bring about years of experience that you won’t find with any other IT company in the area. Plus the database of IT professionals available and qualified to get the job done for you is plentiful, when you work with the PS Solutions’ team.

Why should I use PS Solutions instead of a consultant closer to the big city?

As mentioned before, PS Solutions hires IT professionals at up to 40% less than the “big city” labor markets and that savings is passed onto you. The PS Solutions’ team is based out of Central Pennsylvania, and that gives them the ability to attract and retain skilled IT professionals at a lower cost. In other words, PS Solutions is based in a smaller town with a smaller cost of living, in return they can attract professionals who also have a smaller cost of living. The other benefit of hiring this team for your IT needs is that their overhead is also lower, which in return gives you a financial advantage to hire an affordable IT team.

Why should I hire PS Solutions instead of an offshore overseas company?

There are many reasons to work with PS Solutions instead of an offshore, overseas company. The main reason is that you can actually conduct business during regular business hours. If you were to hire an overseas company, teamwork would really suffer considering daytime communication would be nonexistent otherwise.

Since communication is so important, it is essential that all team members can communicate without any issues. Hiring an offshore overseas team puts many language barriers in place. Also, when you hire in America, you are getting a lot of security protection. You are fully backed and protected by U.S. laws – both state and federal. Since the PS Solutions’ team is within driving distance to your company, the team is available via onsite or telecommute with just one phone call. Last but not least, hiring in America keeps jobs here and the economy strong.

Should I be concerned about the level of expertise in Central Pennsylvania?

One of the great myths of finding outside development help is the false belief that all the qualified talent is in the “Big City”. This is not so. We hire talented professionals who want to avoid the rush of urban life, people who came here to study and fell in love with the quality of life or people who were born here and now want to come home. We know from experience that your address doesn’t have anything to do with your ability.

How does PS Solutions find, attract, and retain qualified, talented IT professionals?

Every month, we receive 100′s of resumes in multiple disciplines, e.g., marketing, IT, sales, senior management, and more. We hire the brightest and most talented, provide on-the-job training to keep their skills polished, and help them achieve their career goals.

We pay rural market rate for rural-based professionals. These professionals are not naïve; they know they can go to urban areas and may make twice as much; but they also know that their cost of living is low.

My business is not in a large metro area. Can PS Solutions reduce my costs?

Yes we can. We bring “Big City” resources to you at “Small Town” prices. It really doesn’t matter where you are located; our prices are the same. We pride ourselves on our ability to supply quality IT professionals to our clients at a reasonable cost.

What types of IT work can be outsourced to PS Solutions?

Our areas of expertise include:

Information Technology Outsourcing

  • Application development & Integration
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Website & Web Application Development
  • Business Analysis
  • Legacy Application Support
  • Testing

Staff Augmentation

We offer contract-to-hire options which enable employers to preview employees before making hiring decisions. We specialize in identifying, screening, and providing Information Technology Professionals to meet your needs!

Contracted Projects

Your specific IT goal is achieved while your regular employees continue to function and perform their duties. PS Solutions works with you to transition employees into new systems or operations quickly and efficiently. Once the project and contract are completed, you do not have the burden of extra employees.

Network Service and Administration

  • Networking Trends and Technologies
  • Network Analysis and Planning
  • Network Implementation and upgrade Strategies
  • Network Disaster and Recovery Strategies
  • Network Traffic Evaluation
  • Network Storage (SANs) Strategies
  • Network Backup Procedures
  • Network Standards
  • Hardware and Software Products Overview
  • Internet Traffic Monitoring
  • Software Licensing
  • Network Security Assessment
  • Regulatory & Compliance Support
  • Documentation
  • Feasibility Studies

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