Big Blue Seeing Red

In what can only be a surprise announcement, IBM’s new CEO, Arvind Krishna, announced major cuts to the company workforce. While exact figures were not disclosed, a company source told the Wall Street Journal that the layoffs will affect “several...
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WHERE Matters Too

I’m a big fan of business guru Simon Sinek. I started following him shortly after seeing his May 2010 Ted Talk: “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”. It was this theory that gave rise to Sinek’s mantra of “Start With Why”....
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Now More Than EVER, Software & Technology Must be Developed in the USA

Certainly, the world is in a state of transition. Even before we can substantially close out the response to the pandemic, our life and our society are already changing. We are all adjusting how we do things without even waiting...
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We’re all in this Together.

Our Wilmington, NC connection helps build a small lifeline in Altoona When we face unknown and scary situations the initial reaction is “how will this impact me?” That’s okay. In fact, the immediate reaction of personal protection and survival is...
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Data of over 267 Million Facebook Users Exposed

The private information of more than 267 Million Facebook users (mostly living in the U.S.) was exposed for more than two weeks in an unsecured database on the dark web. According to published reports by the cybersecurity firm Comparitech and...
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Microsoft Announces 500 new Jobs in Morrisville, NC

What that means for smaller companies in Raleigh seeking Technology Talent Today Microsoft announced they will be adding 500 new technology jobs (paying an average of $125,000 per year) into the Raleigh suburb of Morrisville, NC. In exchange, the state...
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Extra Pepperoni May Force you to Change your Website

Domino’s Pizza has been sued by a blind man who couldn’t order a custom pizza from the Domino’s website. Domino’s has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to take the case and deliver a decision. First, some background. I have friends...
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PS Solutions Codes For Growth – Greater Wilmington Business Journal

After growing PS Solutions in Pennsylvania, founder Wayne Hippo came to Wilmington with the goal of replicating the company’s growth in the Cape Fear region and its focus on keeping software development local. When the software development company opened in...
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Pittsburgh’s 3 Rivers Arts Festival Benefits from Volunteers

It’s free. One of the biggest and ostensibly most creative music and arts fests in the country, and still… it’s free. From day one – that’s June 7th this year – and for ten straight days, the Three Rivers Arts...
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Festival Season: Pennsylvania and North Carolina’s Biggest

We love festivals. We love them so much we wrote a software system for managing them. More on that later, but as we enter June, the number and variety of festivals that happen across the US sky rockets. We’ll be...
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The Empty Chairs: Honoring the Families of Lost Troops

Who among us has not been deeply touched by those who fight for our country? We asked the employees and partners at PS Solutions and found that there is hardly a single person who hasn’t had a relative who served...
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How Smart Startups Stretch their Funding

When startups reach the key milestone of securing Angel or Venture Capital, their new partners are looking both for a series of deliverables but also a great return on their investment. One of the many questions they ask during the...
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At PS Solutions, we believe that software and technology are important in our day-to-day lives. Our goal is to ensure that the computer code running everything from banking to healthcare to national security is written, protected and stored right here in the USA. We hire top-flight software developers who creatively solve problems and we put them to work here in the USA. Let’s tackle your software projects together, using American creativity and “know how”.


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