Sales and Solos

Strummer Bob Fields Heads Up Sales in Pittsburgh When you’ve been serving the IT industry since 1981, have deep roots in your region and throughout the Midwest, and, to quote Chuck Berry, can play guitar like ringin’ a bell, well,...
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Impacting Wilmington’s Tech Growth

Trevor Hughes Joins the PS Solutions Wilmington Team PS Solutions has increased their Wilmington headcount… and it’s about to get much bigger if Trevor Hughes has anything to say about it. After five years in sales and business development for...
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Fairs, Festivals, Conferences:
Plan and Manage Vendors and Volunteers with Chute Festival

Trade shows, County fairs. Film festivals. Street fairs. Flea Markets. Job fairs. Events like these are a compendium of thousands of details. Vendors, payments, marketing, invoicing… keeping it all organized and easily accessible can be exhausting. PS Solutions to the...
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PS Solutions Delivers Columbia Protocol App for Suicide Prevention in NC

Wilmington, NC – April 9, 2019 -- PS Solutions, a software development firm with offices in Wilmington, NC, as well as Pittsburgh and Altoona, PA, last month released a new app designed to help identify those at risk for committing...
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PS Solutions’ Merilli Brings Leadership to Penn State Altoona Women’s Softball

Seems baseball can really influence a lot. It’s been known to develop more than one leader – and more than one leading developer. It requires a clear understanding of math, statistics, teamwork and a keen eye for those who can...
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Want help to teach kids to code? Go Ask Alice

When you own a software development company and you lead a foundation that encourages young girls to learn to code, you’re often asked about how we can get enough coders among our population. In fact, it seems that at most...
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Software in a Different Language

In an earlier blog post we discussed the benefits of custom software to help businesses establish a competitive edge. Yet designing, testing, installing and training can be a significant battle for the team leader. Organizations quite often conclude that their...
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Columbia Protocol Suicide Prevention App, Connecting Pennsylvania Residents with Local Support

America’s first app designed to help save those with suicidal thoughts has been developed by PS Solutions and introduced first in Blair County, Pennsylvania. Based on the Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS), the Columbia Protocol App provides instant access to...
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Offshore USA: 7 Reasons to Outsource in America

Every growing company needs software. Technology is what drives efficiencies that lead to greater profit, and therefore most corporations will turn to creating proprietary software to sharpen their cutting edge. But when software is not your core competency, you look...
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A Decade of Delivery

Sometimes opportunity is subtle, sometimes it hits you over the head, and sometimes it actually seems to worm its way into your consciousness. PS Solutions might be any one of those, depending on the time frame. But in January of...
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Blair County Commissioners Award Suicide Prevention App Development Contract to PS Solutions

It’s a sobering fact: Suicide is the number 1 killer of adolescent girls. It is the second-leading cause of death among all people ages 15 – 29. It is no wonder, then, that the Blair County (PA) Commissioners are anxious...
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The Joy of Holiday Lights

Both calming and stirring, the sight of Christmas Lights brings out the kid in most all of us. Way back in the ‘60s and ‘70s we used to hop in the car while dad drove us from neighborhood to neighborhood...
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At PS Solutions, we believe that software and technology are important in our day-to-day lives. Our goal is to ensure that the computer code running everything from banking to healthcare to national security is written, protected and stored right here in the USA. We hire top-flight software developers who creatively solve problems and we put them to work here in the USA. Let’s tackle your software projects together, using American creativity and “know how”.


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