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PS Solutions is expert in identifying and screening information technology professionals.


Finding the right programming talent for your business can be tough. Less so for us, however, because we do it every day. When you work with PS Solutions to identify a developer that starts out as a contractor, you’ll know if they’re the right fit for a long-term hire. Less commitment, fewer hiring mistakes. We pave the road for your tech team success.


Take a Load Off…

Contract-to-Hire may be the right answer for your company — for many reasons:

TRIAL PERIOD: Hiring can be fraught with second guesses. But contract-to-hire gives your team an opportunity work with the programmer and see how they fit. Preview members of our team before making any hiring decisions, too – you’ll be 100% sure that you’ve found a great fit.

TIGHT BUDGETS: Permanent employees come with a series of costs outside of salary. With the contract-to-hire approach, you can feel confident in knowing you are hiring a team to fit your budget, and may not need to be a permanent employee.

VARIABLE WORKLOAD: Guessing future workloads can often be like rolling the dice. A contract-to-hire employee gives you more control of your business needs and IT needs.


Think a contract-to-hire solution might work for you?

PS Solutions will work with your project from start to finish without sacrificing any important communication. Whether you have a tight budget, want a trial period, or your business’ workload varies, contract-to-hire may be the route you want to take.