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Big Blue Seeing Red

In what can only be a surprise announcement, IBM’s new CEO, Arvind Krishna, announced major cuts to the company workforce. While exact figures were not disclosed, a company source told the Wall Street Journal that the layoffs will affect “several...
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Data of over 267 Million Facebook Users Exposed

The private information of more than 267 Million Facebook users (mostly living in the U.S.) was exposed for more than two weeks in an unsecured database on the dark web. According to published reports by the cybersecurity firm Comparitech and...
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Extra Pepperoni May Force you to Change your Website

Domino’s Pizza has been sued by a blind man who couldn’t order a custom pizza from the Domino’s website. Domino’s has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to take the case and deliver a decision. First, some background. I have friends...
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