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PS Solutions – An American Software Company

PS Solutions is a software development company offering a US-based alternative to outsourcing projects off-shore. We design and develop custom software solutions including applications, web portals, or proprietary software. From our development centers in Altoona and Pittsburgh, PA to our Carolina’s Development Center in Wilmington, NC, we handle projects ranging from full-scale enterprise software development to staff augmentation, from developing mobile apps to creating client web portals. Our partners range from startup technology firms wanting to get new products established and to international businesses looking to write or re-write their enterprise software. Whatever your size, our focus is on providing quality solutions to your software projects.

Why PS Solutions?

We believe that the software and technology that runs our lives, secures our nation, and supplies modern medicine has to be developed, improved, and perfected here in the USA. We simply can’t afford to send our present and future technology needs offshore.


We are committed to keeping software development jobs in the USA. Technology touches all parts of our lives, from our healthcare, medicines, and supplies, to our banking services, our economic system, to our defense and national security.

It’s simple. It’s too important to you, your company, and our country to trust sending your software ideas overseas in the belief that somehow, it’s going to be cheaper. Often, even that isn’t true in the long run.

Who We Help

We do not limit ourselves to a specific industry. Examples of some of our industries are:
Healthcare Education
Retail Food Services
Financial Legal
Transportation Manufacturing
Technology Software

What others are saying about us

“I’m happy to recommend PS Solutions to anyone in need of outsourcing a software project. They are able to deliver quality work on a complex and lengthy project and do it on time and within budget.”


-Richard McKee
Former Programming/QA Manager
CRS Advanced Technology

“When we need help to complete a project, PS Solutions adds talent to our team & help us get the job done. Their consultants are so committed to our cause that we see them as part of our team.”


-Joe Hasson
Empower Business Solutions

What makes us different?

When you add PS Solutions to your software team, you get efficient, effective & affordable software development. You take advantage of our unique locations to obtain custom software development at prices far less than you will pay in larger markets. You save money while still getting all the benefits of having U.S. software developers.

Whether you need to convert software to a web service, or if your business needs custom software, you get affordable, professional help here in the USA.

The PS Solutions Way

You don’t need a pre-packaged approach to meeting your challenges. You need a partner that will listen to your needs and work with you to craft a solution to solve problems, increase performance, and make your business more profitable and easier to manage. We work with you to find the best solution for your particular business needs. We recognize that all of our Partners have unique business plans and that means they need unique solutions.

At PS Solutions, we believe that software and technology are important in our day-to-day lives. Our goal is to ensure that the computer code running everything from banking to healthcare to national security is written, protected and stored right here in the USA. We hire top-flight software developers who creatively solve problems and we put them to work here in the USA. Let’s tackle your software projects together, using American creativity and “know how”.


Altoona Development Center
1601 Eleventh Avenue
Ste. 201
Altoona, PA, 16601

Pittsburgh Development Center
1500 Ardmore Boulevard
Ste. 500
Pittsburgh, PA, 15221

Wilmington Development Center
2109 Capital Drive
Ste. 170
Wilmington, NC, 28405