PS Solutions believes that solving your business’ complex software problems shouldn’t be a foreign experience. For more than a decade, we have helped companies in industries from healthcare to manufacturing and beyond, solving problems directly from the USA.


PS Solutions works in time zones that your company works in, we speak the same language, and we understand this country’s cultural ins and outs. PS Solutions fills programmer employment gaps, and uses creative thinking and solutions to execute projects across all industries. PS Solutions is your go-to American solution for your software projects.

We have worked with a broad range of industries

Healthcare Education
Retail Food Services
Financial Legal
Transportation Manufacturing
Technology Software

At PS Solutions, we believe that software and technology are important in our day-to-day lives. Our goal is to ensure that the computer code running everything from banking to healthcare to national security is written, protected and stored right here in the USA. We hire top-flight software developers who creatively solve problems and we put them to work here in the USA. Let’s tackle your software projects together, using American creativity and “know how”.


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Altoona Development Center
1601 Eleventh Avenue
Ste. 201
Altoona, PA, 16601

Pittsburgh Development Center
1500 Ardmore Boulevard
Ste. 500
Pittsburgh, PA, 15221

Wilmington Development Center
2109 Capital Drive
Ste. 170
Wilmington, NC, 28405