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After spending all his life playing football, Jontrell Rocquemore has stepped into a new position as Business Development Manager. From the moment he joined our team, he was excited to grow and learn. As a former professional athlete, problem-solving has always been something Jontrell was ready to tackle.

Jontrell earned his MBA from Utah State University where he studied political science and sociology. He also played as a safety for the university’s football team. Go Big Blue! After college, he went on to continue his football career as a linebacker for the Cleveland Browns and in the CFL as a Winnipeg Blue Bomber.

One of Jontrell’s main priorities is mental wellness. He is licensed in Mind-Body Bridging, a wellness model that teaches you how to actively engage life by removing the day-to-day obstacles. He is passionate about implementing this model into his everyday life and sharing it with others. Whenever he has the opportunity, he spends his time educating, training, and enlightening others on how important it is to take care of your mind. He has spoken at Utah State, multiple high schools, and held many one-on-one meetings.

“Mental wellness for me is a daily practice, in the sense that wellness in general is the foundation for everything I’m doing. When I look back on football, my career, and education, it was the thing that held me down the most. I neglected it, but now it’s my number one priority” said Rocquemore.

When he’s not working or advocating for mental wellness, you can find him sharpening up his photography skills, trying new foods, or visiting museums and art exhibits.

Jontrell is a team player on and off the field and we are so happy he joined PS Solutions.


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