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Software Development Outsourcing

Businesses who rely on software or want to create software to help them run their operations often make the mistake of thinking they can save money by sending a software creation project overseas for development, usually with the promise of a very low price. Too often those businesses learn that if it seems to good to be true….
There are certainly plenty of valid reasons why companies often need to look outside their own four walls for help. Perhaps their current staff is too busy to take on a project of adding a new module to their software; maybe the change has to be from one software language or format to an entirely different one; possibly the business has no real software development team and needs to find a resource to do it for them. Software Development Outsourcing is often the answer, IF you do it the right way.


Ask Yourself these Questions Before Deciding Where to Send Your Software Project for Development
  • Do I know this company has the expertise and experience that’s needed to get the job done right and on time?
  • How strong are their communication skills?
  • Do they understand the business and culture that we operate in?
  • Where is my code being held? Do I know the laws of that country if there is a problem? What law applies to ownership of the code? How difficult will it be to protect what is possibly my company’s most important asset?
At PS Solutions, we pride ourselves in having every one of our developers employed right here in the United States. We’ve been working with companies for years and understand the importance of constant communication with the client to help make sure that your software project is completed to your preferences within your time frame and within your budget. No surprises, just results. Email us at info@pssolutions.net or call us at 814-942-788 to discuss how you can get your software projects completed on time and on budget right here in the USA.


What do You Mean by Outsourcing?
Outsourcing is simply the practice of having certain job functions done outside a company instead of using in-house staff and employees to complete them; functions can be outsourced to either a third-party company or even in small projects to an individual. Outsourcing allows projects to be completed without having the long term costs of having extra personnel, equipment and even space added onto the annual budget.
How do You Successfully Outsource?

For your project to have the best chance of being successful, you should make sure that you:

  • Clearly define the specifications and scope of what you want done.
  • Evaluate candidates who you are considering for the job.
  • Is there an expertise and experience in the specific field you need.
  • Don’t base your decision on price alone. The low price isn’t necessarily the lowest long term cost.
  • Consider starting with a portion of the project or a small alternative project before moving forward with the bigger one.


What is In-House Developed Software?
In-house software is a software that is produced by a business entity for purpose of using it within the organization. In-house software however may later become available for commercial use upon sole discretion of the developing organization. The need to develop such software may come from any number circumstances which may include non-availability of the software in the market, potentiality or ability of the corporation to develop such software or to customize a software based on the corporate organization’s need.